Unraveling the Costs: An In-depth Guide to Language Learning Experiences in Malta

Find out everything you need to know about the prices of a language stay in Malta! What are the costs to expect for this sunny language immersion? Stay with us to find the answers to your questions about the budget needed for an unforgettable experience in Malta!

A language stay in Malta is an excellent opportunity to improve your English while enjoying the Mediterranean climate. Prices for language courses vary depending on several criteria to take into account to choose the offer that best meets your expectations and your budget.

The different types of courses offered

Before talking about prices, it is essential to know the different types of language courses available in Malta. You can choose from standard, intensive, private courses, or even courses combining language and leisure or professional activities. Prices vary depending on the intensity of the courses and the additional activities included.

Criteria influencing prices

Several criteria can impact the prices of language courses in Malta. The reputation of the school, the quality of the teachers, the length of stay, the number of hours of lessons per week, the inclusion of accommodation with a host family or in residence, as well as the extra-curricular activities offered can influence prices.

Examples of prices

  • Standard course (20 hours/week): between €200 and €300 per week
  • Intensive course (30h/week): between €300 and €400 per week
  • Private lessons: between €40 and €80 per hour
  • Combined courses (language + activities): between €400 and €500 per week

Tips for choosing your language stay

To choose your language stay in Malta, it is recommended to compare offers, read reviews from former students, check the certifications and accreditations of the language school, and clearly define your linguistic and personal objectives. . It is also essential to plan a budget that includes course fees, accommodation, transportation and additional activities.

In summary

Prices for language courses during a language stay in Malta vary depending on many criteria. It is essential to compare the offers carefully, to take into account the quality of the teaching and services offered, and to define your expectations in order to have an enriching linguistic experience in this idyllic setting that Malta offers.

If you are planning a language stay in Malta to improve your English while enjoying the Mediterranean sun, it is important to choose your accommodation plan carefully, including meals. Here is what you can expect from a language stay in Malta with accommodation and meals included.


Language stays in Malta generally offer two types of accommodation: with a host family or in a student residence.

  • Host family : Opting for a host family will allow you total immersion in Maltese culture. You will stay with locals, share their meals and be able to practice English on a daily basis. This is an excellent option for quickly progressing in the language.
  • Student residence : If you prefer more independence and freedom, a student residence may be ideal. You will have your own room while sharing common spaces with other international students, promoting linguistic exchanges.

Meals included

Malta language stay packages with meals included ensure that you won’t worry about preparing meals during your stay. Generally, you will benefit from three meals per day:

  • Breakfast : It will be hearty to help you start the day off on the right foot. You can taste Maltese specialties or more international dishes.
  • Lunch : Often in the form of a packed lunch so you can fully enjoy your classes and activities without having to look for somewhere to eat.
  • Dinner : It’s time to relax and share a meal with a host family or with other students in the residence. You will discover local gastronomy and be able to discuss your days spent learning English.

By choosing a language stay in Malta with accommodation and meals included, you will be able to concentrate fully on your language learning and enjoy your stay in a comfortable and friendly setting, encouraging meetings and linguistic progress. Have a good language trip to Malta!

Planning a language stay in Malta is a great way to improve your English skills while enjoying the Mediterranean sun. However, in addition to the cost of courses and accommodation, it is important to take into account certain additional costs for an experience without unpleasant surprises.

Transportation costs

Even before arriving in Malta, you should plan for transport costs to get to the island. Whether by plane or boat, tickets can represent a significant investment. In addition, once there, you will also need to anticipate local travel such as taxis, buses or bicycle rental.

Meals and extra activities

Apart from the meals included in certain language stay programs, it is important to budget for meals taken outside. The restaurants and cafes in Malta are full of local specialties to discover. In addition, to fully enjoy the island, cultural or leisure activities may entail additional expenses: visits to historical sites, water sports, excursions, etc.

Insurance and administrative costs

Before leaving, it is recommended to take out travel insurance to cover possible medical expenses, cancellations or delays. This insurance can represent a significant cost, but it is essential for traveling with complete peace of mind. In addition, certain administrative costs such as visa fees for extended stays must also be taken into account in the overall budget of the stay.

Shopping and souvenirs

Finally, let’s not forget the inevitable expenses related to shopping and purchasing souvenirs. Malta is full of small artisan shops and colorful markets where it is tempting to take a little piece of the island home. Planning a budget dedicated to these little pleasures will allow you to leave with beautiful memories of your language stay in Malta.

By taking into account these various additional costs, you will be able to anticipate and organize your budget as best as possible to fully enjoy your language stay in Malta without unpleasant financial surprises.

Language stays in Malta offer an exceptional opportunity to perfect your language skills while discovering a sunny Mediterranean island. For students like Marie, looking for an enriching language immersion, it is essential to find advantageous offers to maximize the experience while controlling your budget.

Special discounts for students

Many organizations offer special discounts for students to make language stays in Malta more accessible. These reductions may vary depending on the length of stay and the options chosen. It is recommended to compare the different offers to find those that offer the best discounts tailored to the needs of students.

Seasonal promotions

Seasonal promotions are another way to benefit from advantageous rates for a language stay in Malta. In general, off-peak periods like fall or spring allow you to benefit from reduced rates. Some organizations also offer special promotions for registrations made in advance or last minute stays. It is therefore recommended to stay on the lookout for these promotional offers to get the best price.

Special offers for groups

For people wishing to go as a group for a language stay in Malta, it is possible to benefit from special offers. In fact, many organizations offer discounts for groups of friends or groups of the same language level. This option not only reduces costs, but also provides an enriching group experience.

Loyalty programs

Finally, some organizations offer loyalty programs to reward regular students. These programs often offer discounts on future language stays in Malta or exclusive benefits. It may be interesting to find out about these programs to optimize your spending and take advantage of advantageous promotions.

So, by exploring the different discounts, promotions and special offers available for a language stay in Malta, students like Marie can benefit from an enriching experience at a lower cost while perfecting their language skills in an idyllic setting.

When considering a language stay in Malta to improve your English skills, it is essential to compare the different prices offered by providers. Depending on the length of stay, type of course and services included, prices can vary considerably. Let’s go over some things to consider when comparing prices for language courses in Malta.

Types of language stays

Language stays in Malta generally offer several options, such as:

  • Intensive group courses
  • Private lessons
  • Combined lessons (group lessons + private lessons)

Elements included in the prices

Prices for language stays in Malta may vary depending on the elements included, such as:

  • Number of hours of lessons per week
  • Accommodation with a host family, student residence or shared apartment
  • Meals included
  • Cultural activities and excursions
  • Teaching materials

Price comparison

On average, a language stay in Malta including 20 lessons per week, accommodation with a host family and some cultural activities can cost between €200 and €400 per week. This price may increase depending on additional services included or the time of year.

Private lessons are often more expensive, with an average price of €400 to €800 per week depending on the number of hours of lessons provided.

Tips for choosing your language stay

To choose the language stay in Malta that best meets your expectations and your budget, it is recommended to:

  • Compare offers from several language schools
  • Consult reviews from former students
  • Take into account school certifications and accreditations
  • Check the cancellation and refund conditions

By taking the time to analyze these different aspects, it will be easier to find the language stay in Malta that will offer the best language experience at the best value for money.

When planning a language stay in Malta, one of the main concerns may be the budget allocated to this enriching experience. Here are some tips for saving while still enjoying your language trip to the fullest.

Choose the right period

Prices for language stays vary depending on the season. Consider traveling outside of peak tourist months to save money. The months of September to November and February to May are often more affordable while still offering pleasant weather in Malta.

Compare language school offers

It is a good idea to compare the prices and included services offered by different language schools in Malta. Some offer special promotions or discounts for early bookings. Take the time to do research and request personalized quotes to find the best offer that fits your budget.

Opt for economical accommodation

To save on your language stay, choose accommodation in a student residence, youth hostel or host family. These options are often more affordable than hotels and offer you a more complete immersion in the local culture.

Take advantage of free activities

Malta is full of cultural activities and sites to visit for free. Find out about free museums, festivals, beaches and other attractions to enhance your stay without breaking your budget.

Avoid extras

To limit additional expenses, pay attention to additional costs such as excursions, meals outside of classes, tourist transport, etc. Choose independent options and activities offered by your language school to avoid unnecessary expenses.

With this sound advice, you will be able to optimize your budget during your language stay in Malta while fully enjoying this unique experience.

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