Swift & Simple Steps for Refilling Your HP 711 Ink Cartridge

Do you have a printer equipped with HP 711 cartridges and would like to refill them yourself to save money and adopt a more ecological approach? You are in the right place. Follow the guide to learn how to refill your HP 711 cartridges with ease.

Understanding the Benefits of Cartridge Reloading

Understanding the Benefits of Cartridge Reloading

Before embarking on the reloading process, it is good to understand the advantages of this practice. You reduce the environmental impact by limiting plastic waste while benefiting from an economical solution. Indeed, ink refill kits are generally less expensive than purchasing new cartridges.

Necessary material

Necessary material

To refill an HP 711 cartridge, here are the tools you will need:

  • A refilling kit compatible with HP 711 cartridges
  • Latex gloves to prevent ink stains
  • Paper towels or wipes
  • A small drill bit or drilling tool (provided with some kits)
  • A syringe and needle (usually included in the kit)

Choice of filling kit

It is essential to choose a refill kit specially designed for HP 711 cartridges. These kits contain specific ink which guarantees optimal print quality and good compatibility with your printer.

Reloading Steps


Put on the latex gloves and place the paper towel on your workspace to avoid staining surfaces in the event of an ink spill.

Removing and drilling the cartridge

Carefully remove the HP 711 cartridge from the printer. Locate the drilling area, often indicated by a small circle on the top of the cartridge. Use the small drill bit or tool provided in the kit to create a hole.


Take the syringe and fill it with the appropriate amount of ink. Insert the needle into the hole previously drilled in the cartridge and inject the ink slowly. Be careful not to overfill the cartridge to avoid overflows and potential printer malfunctions.

Closing the hole

Once the cartridge is filled, you will need to seal the hole. Some kits provide caps, while others recommend the use of strong adhesive tape.

Cleaning and testing

Wipe excess ink from the cartridge, if necessary, with the paper towel. Reinstall it in the printer and run a test page to verify that the ink flows properly.

Tips for successful reloading

Tips for successful reloading

Here are some recommendations for refilling your HP 711 cartridges efficiently:

  • Do not mix different grades of ink or inks from different brands.
  • Carefully read the instructions provided with the refill kit.
  • Never completely fill the cartridge. It is best to underfill slightly to avoid pressure issues.
  • If the print has defects after refilling, run a printhead cleaning cycle through the printer software.

Diagnose and resolve common problems

Ink leaks

If you notice a leak after filling, remove the cartridge and check that the fill hole is properly sealed. Clean any excess ink from the cartridge and printer.

Poor print quality

Inconsistent lines or colors may be a sign that cleaning is needed. Use your printer maintenance tools to clean the print heads.

Cartridge recognition

The printer may not recognize a refilled cartridge. Make sure the electronic contacts on the cartridge are clean and undamaged.

Why consider purchasing professionally refilled cartridges?

Although refilling can be done at home, some people may prefer to purchase professionally refilled cartridges. This option combines the advantages of reduced cost and environmental protection, while guaranteeing consistent print quality without the possible inconveniences associated with manual reloading.

Did you know ? Professionally refilled cartridges are often tested to ensure proper functioning, which can be reassuring for those who do not wish to refill cartridges themselves.

Regulating ink levels

After refilling a cartridge, the ink levels displayed on the computer may not be updated. This is not a problem if you know the cartridge has been filled correctly. However, be careful not to find yourself without ink without warning.

Durability of refilled hp 711 cartridges

If refilled correctly, cartridges can be used repeatedly, but will never be as durable as a new cartridge. Watch for signs of wear and replace the cartridge if printing problems persist despite refills and maintenance.

Refilling your HP 711 cartridges can seem intimidating, but with the right tools, clear instructions and a little patience, you can master the process and reap the many financial and environmental benefits. Remember to work neatly, follow the instructions and do not hesitate to seek help from professionals if you do not feel comfortable with the process.

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