Telecommuting Safely: The Essential Guide to Home and Teleworking Insurance

For several years, the telework has become a common practice for many employees. While this working arrangement has many advantages in terms of flexibility and work-life balance, it also raises certain questions about the coverage of risks linked to home and work-at-home equipment. This article presents the important aspects ofHome Insurance when you are teleworking.

The essential guarantees of home insurance while working from home

First of all, you should check that your home insurance contract includes the necessary guarantees to cover the risks linked to teleworking. Indeed, certain standard contracts do not systematically cover professional activities carried out from your home. Here are the main guarantees to check:

Professional civil liability

There Professional Liability is an essential guarantee to protect your employer and yourself in the event of damage caused to third parties in the course of your professional activity. This guarantee can be taken out with your usual insurer or via a specific contract offered by the company which employs you.

Coverage for professional property

If you use professional equipment provided by your employer (computer, telephone, etc.), it is important to check that it is covered in the event of theft, damage or loss. Some home insurance contracts include an extension for professional property, while others offer specific guarantees to be taken out in addition.

The assistance guarantee

In the event of a problem linked to your professional activity (computer breakdown, connection problem, etc.), a assistance guarantee can be useful for you to benefit from quick and effective help. This guarantee may also include services such as home repairs or the provision of a temporary work space if necessary.

Employer responsibilities regarding home insurance

According to current legislation, theemployer also has a role to play in terms of home insurance and teleworking. Indeed, he must ensure that working conditions at home comply with the safety and hygiene rules provided for by the labor code. Here are the main obligations to respect:

Professional risk assessment

Before implementing teleworking, the employer must carry out an assessment of the professional risks linked to this practice. This assessment will make it possible to determine the means to be implemented to prevent these risks (ergonomic layout of the workstation, IT security training, etc.).

Checking the employee’s home insurance

The employer must also ensure that the home insurance contract taken out by the employee includes the necessary guarantees to cover the risks linked to teleworking. In the event of a lack of coverage, it is possible to offer assistance to find a suitable solution (subscribing to an amendment to the existing contract, setting up a specific contract, etc.).

Steps to take with your insurer

If you are teleworking and want to check or adapt your home insurance, here are some tips:

Inform your insurer of your situation

It is important to keep your insurer informed of your professional situation and your insurance needs.Home Insurance. This will make it possible to verify that you benefit from the guarantees adapted to your activity and to avoid any problems in the event of a claim.

Compare home insurance offers

If your current contract does not sufficiently cover the risks associated with teleworking, do not hesitate to compare market offers to find the solution that best suits your needs. Many insurance companies now offer specific contracts for home workers, with guarantees adjusted to the particularities of this practice.

Negotiate the terms of your contract

Finally, do not hesitate to discuss the conditions of your home insurance contract with your insurer. For example, you can request the implementation of an amendment to extend your guarantees or benefit from preferential rates depending on your professional situation.

In summary, teleworking involves taking into account certain specificities in terms of home insurance. It is essential to check that you have the appropriate guarantees to cover the risks linked to your professional activity at home and to stay in contact with your insurer to adapt your contract if necessary.

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