Uncork the Future: Essential Wine Fairs to Look Forward to in 2024

The world of wine is constantly evolving, and aficionados and occasional connoisseurs alike are always on the lookout for the best events to perfect their culture and enrich their cellar. For lovers of good bottles, wine fairs represent unmissable opportunities to discover new wines, taste rare vintages and obtain expert advice. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming wine fairs in 2024 that you shouldn’t miss.

A rich calendar for wine lovers

Major regional events

The French vineyard, renowned for its diversity and quality, offers events spread across the entire territory every year.

The Loire Wine Fair in Angers will traditionally be held at the start of the year and will present an exclusive range of wines from this region.

Vinisud, dedicated to Mediterranean wines, once again promises to surprise with the richness of its offer, ranging from recognized appellations to still little-known gems.

The Alsace Wine Fair in Colmar, also known for its music festival, allows you to combine two pleasures: artistic performances and the discovery of Alsace wines, ranging from traditional Rieslings to more aromatic Gewurztraminers.

National events

The Vinexpo Exhibition in Paris is one of the most prestigious international wine fairs. In 2024, it will once again bring together professionals in the sector for an exhaustive presentation of wines from around the world.

The Paris Fair, an unmissable event for wine and gastronomy lovers, promises a rigorous and eclectic selection of wines, allowing each visitor to find what they are looking for.

Trends to follow

Wine fairs not only display bottles, they also reflect current market trends.

Organic and biodynamic wines

An unprecedented craze for environmentally friendly wines characterizes the current market. Winegrowers engaged in these initiatives benefit from increased visibility at trade shows. Visitors can thus taste wines produced with fewer chemicals and with respect for the terroir.

Natural wines

The natural wine scene is gaining ground and the wine fairs of 2024 will be sure to highlight these unadorned wines, the result of minimally interventionist winemaking.

The comeback of forgotten grape varieties

Certain grape varieties that have fallen into oblivion are coming back to the forefront, thanks to the efforts of passionate winegrowers. Wine fairs are an opportunity to (re)discover these ancient varieties which make up the richness of our wine heritage.

Practical advice for taking full advantage of fairs

Practical advice for taking full advantage of fairs

Organization and Preparation

Before going to a show, good preparation is essential. It is advisable to check the schedules, the days open to the public and to draw up a list of exhibitors not to be missed. Since wine fairs are often large-scale, a methodical approach allows you to make the most of the experience.

Tasting and Approach to Wines

Approaching tasting with curiosity and an open mind allows you to make surprising discoveries. It is recommended to note down your impressions to remember your favorites and possibly place an order.

Dialogue with Producers

Wine fairs are also moments of exchange and sharing. Chatting with producers provides valuable information about wines, terroir and winemaking methods.

Take advantage of Special Offers

Exhibitors often offer advantageous conditions during fairs. This is the ideal time to acquire wines at competitive prices and sometimes benefit from significant discounts on large orders.

Perspectives and innovations

Augmented reality for wine

One trend to watch is the integration of new technologies into the wine fair experience. Augmented reality applications are starting to emerge, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the world of a winery or find out more about a wine just by scanning the label.

The diversification of tasting formats

Far from traditional tasting stands, some fairs are starting to offer more immersive experiences, such as tastings in the dark or workshops combining wine and food for a more complete sensory approach.

The world of wine fairs is a microcosm full of life and passion that continues to evolve. Each year brings its share of new features and surprises, and the 2024 edition will certainly be no exception to the rule. Whether to perfect your cellar, discover little-known grape varieties or simply share a friendly moment between enthusiasts, wine fairs remain events to be marked on the calendar of every wine lover.

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